Gronzy Mall will be the largest shopping and entertainment centre in southern Russia upon completion. Credit: Chapman Taylor.
Gronzy mall will include various retail brands offering products across categories. Credit: Chapman Taylor.
The construction of the new shopping facility in Russia began in August 2017. Credit: Chapman Taylor.

Grozny Mall is a new shopping and entertainment venue being built in the city of Grozny, Russia. Owned by Grozny Mall and being developed by Russian construction company Smart Building, it will be the largest shopping mall in southern Russia.

The project is expected to generate 2,000 new jobs upon completion. The family shopping and leisure centre is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

The new shopping mall project will boost the tourism potential and increase investment in Grozny, the capital city of the Chechen Republic. It will combine innovative architectural concept and multi-functional infrastructure.

Grozny Mall location

The shopping and entertainment centre is under construction in northern Caucasus, Russia. It is integrated into Kausar Park, an adjacent 20ha recreational landscaped space that includes a riverside promenade, pavilions, amphitheatre, Ferris wheel and entertainment facilities for kids.

The project site is located in the centre of Grozny at the intersection of the Vladmir Putin and Hussein Isayev avenues on the bank of Sunzha river opposite the MFC Akhmat Tower, a supertall skyscraper under development.

Grozny Mall design and features

The shopping facility will include new local and international retail brands in a 132,000m² floorspace. With a leasable area of 59,000m², it will house more than 150 outlets, including three double-level clothing department stores, home appliances, sporting goods, household goods and electronics. The grocery hypermarket at the mall will occupy an area of more than 7,000m².

The mall will include three above-ground levels and an underground level. The first level will be designated as the territory of taste while the second and third levels will be dedicated to fashion and entertainment, respectively. An underground parking space at the shopping centre will be able to accommodate 800 cars.

The first level of the mall will accommodate a supermarket, outlets of international brands, boutiques, restaurants and cafes while the second level will feature brands galleries, an appliance store and boutiques. The design also includes an exit from the second level to the walking bridge gallery towards the observation deck of the MFC Akhmat Tower.

The bridge gallery will have art exhibition areas, restaurants and cafes. It will offer panoramic views and a display of the project’s building history. The embankment alley at the third level will include a sidewalk, cafes and public zones to be used for hosting events.

Retail offerings and amenities at Grozny Mall

The shopping facility will house a range of retail stores covering multiple categories including clothes, footwear and fashion accessories.

Additionally, the mall will feature services such as barbershop, public service centre, pharmacy, beauty shop, optics store, as well as banks and ATMs.

Dining and entertainment options

Level three of the shopping facility will include a food court with a summer terrace, which will feature nine concepts, ten cafes and restaurants. The mall will house restaurants and cafes on all floors and offer more than 20 dining options to visitors.

Leisure and entertaining facilities at the mall include an IMAX cinema, a bowling club, and a children’s entertainment area.

Construction details

Preliminary works focused on the foundation pit’s excavation and organisation of temporary construction camp were mostly finished during July 2017. Works included concrete binding, waterproofing and the installation of a waterproofing protective screen.

The first concrete was poured into the foundation of the development in August 2017. The first concreting involved the commencement of monolithic works on the installation of the mall’s foundation slab.

Construction will involve 46,000m³ of concrete B30. Structural construction of the underground level with vertical waterproofing was undertaken following concreting.

Contractors involved

Chapman Taylor was awarded a contract to provide the interior design of Grozny Mall.  Eagle Hills International Properties is the consultant of the project while SC Chechenstroy is the contractor.

The design and architecture team also included Russian firm Blank Architects, which worked on interior design. Colliers International Group is responsible for space leasing at the new shopping centre.