Riviera Galleria is a new shopping centre being developed as part of The Ellinikon urban development project in Athens. Credit: The Ellinkon.
The Ellinikon project includes a number of other projects such as the Vouliagmenis Mall, office and residential spaces, and the Riviera Tower. Credit: Lamda Development.
The Riviera Galleria is expected to open in 2026. Credit: Jacobs.

The Riviera Galleria (formerly known as Marina Galleria) is a new shopping, dining, and entertainment destination being developed within The Ellinikon in Athens, Greece, which represents Europe’s largest urban regeneration initiative aimed at transforming a historic site into a premier global destination.

Lamda Development, a real estate company based in Greece, is developing the project through its subsidiary HELLINIKON.

The project’s design phase concluded in 2023 and the building permit was awarded in June of the same year. Construction of the shopping centre is expected to begin in 2024 while completion is anticipated in the first quarter of 2026.

The project is expected to offer a unique experience for tourists and locals alike and become a pivotal element in the region’s economic growth.


The Riviera Galleria is being developed as part of the Ellinikon urban redevelopment project on the former Ellinikon International Airport in Attica, Athens. The development spans 6.2 million m² and involves an estimated investment of €8bn ($8.79bn).

Situated at the core of a luxurious ecosystem, the retail centre is one of several other projects within the development, including the Vouliagmenis Mall, a retail park, office and residential spaces, luxury hotels and the Riviera Tower, apart from a new 1km beach.

The Ellinikon project is expected to generate an estimated €36bn in tourist revenue for Greece by 2030.

The site lies 20 minutes away from the centre of Athens.

Riviera Galleria details

The Riviera Galleria will span 23,000m2 and offer a leasable space of 19,000m2. It will host more than 100 retail outlets, including shops, cafés, and restaurants, spread across two levels.

The centre’s design showcases Athens’ contemporary architectural ethos and is inspired by the natural ebb and flow of the Greek sea. Blending seamlessly with the coastline and urban surroundings, it features a striking wave-like canopy that reflects the aquatic landscape.

The expansive verandas on the centre’s ground floor offer a direct connection with the sea, while the first-floor terraces offer unique views of the marina and seafront.

Retail and dining facilities at Riviera Galleria

The Riviera Galleria will introduce more than 70 leading fashion brands, some marking their debut in Greece, alongside renowned Greek designers, flagship designer stores, emerging brands, and international couture houses.

It will be a culinary hotspot with 30 dining options from celebrated Greek and international chefs along with award-winning restaurants, elegant bistros and cafés, and chic cocktail bars.

The centre will also serve as a venue for a variety of cultural and recreational events, including pop-ups, fashion shows, concerts, art exhibitions and more.

Digital technologies offering a personalised customer experience will be deployed at the centre such as virtual and augmented reality, interactive shopfront displays, smart mirrors, and fitting rooms.

Sustainability features

The Riviera Galleria centre will implement a sustainability strategy through the selection of local natural materials, extensive green spaces, and natural ventilation and lighting through the atria. It will be equipped with advanced technologies to minimise energy consumption along with photovoltaic systems and rainwater collection systems.

The Riviera Galleria was recognised as a Special Architectural Design Building by the Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment in October 2022. It also achieved the distinction of being the first retail complex to be precertified at the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold level for sustainable building in December 2022.

Contractors involved

Kengo Kuma and Associates, an architecture company based in Japan, in collaboration with the Greek designer BETAPLAN, is responsible for the architectural plans and design of the Riviera Galleria.

Systematica, a transport planning and mobility consultancy based in Italy, was tasked with developing access, parking, internal circulation, wayfinding, and vertical connections strategies.

Construction company AKTOR is handling the excavation works.

In June 2023, the joint venture of Mace, a construction and consulting company, and Jacobs, a technical professional services business, was appointed as the programme management consultant for four projects of the Ellinikon development, including the Riviera Galleria.

DETA Consulting Engineers, LDK Consultants, and Denco Transport Engineers are some of the other contractors involved in the project.