Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping centre is located within the Ljubljana Rudnik shopping zone. Credit: Supernova.
The newly built part of the shopping centre opened in April 2022. Credit: Supernova.
The expansion made the shopping centre one of the largest and most contemporary centres in Slovenia. Credit: Supernova.

Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping centre, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was expanded with an investment of €70m ($82.56m), transforming it into the country’s biggest and most modern shopping centre.

Supernova Group developed the shopping centre in a phased manner. Phase one of the development was completed in 2008, and the centre was then expanded in September 2020 for phase two of development.

The expanded part of the shopping centre was opened in April 2022, creating 800 jobs.

Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik Location

The shopping centre is located within the Ljubljana Rudnik shopping zone directly opposite the E.Leclerc Hypermarket.

It is accessible through two highways that directly link the centre of Ljubljana to other areas of Slovenia.

The shopping centre is located on the southeastern edge of Ljubljana and is 25 minutes away from Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport.

The primary visitors of the mall are from the southern part of Ljubljana, which is Slovenia’s transportation hub and economic centre.

Shopping centre design and features

Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik is a multi-level shopping centre that is built on a leasable area of 30,000m² (98425ft²), which includes 1,400 parking spaces and 70 shops in its first phase of development.

The second phase concept included the modernisation of the existing mall, an extension of the centre, an enhanced broadened tenant mix, increased and improved services, and a relaunch of its marketing concept.

The shopping centre was expanded to a total leasable area of 50,000m2 (164041.99ft2) within a floor area of 65,000m2 (213254.59ft2) on two levels, in its second phase of development. The expanded part was fully integrated with the existing centre.

The shopping centre comprises 130 retail stores featuring international and national brands as well as new services. It houses a seven-screen, state-of-the-art Cineplexx multiplex cinema spanning a 3,800m2 (12467ft2) area, 19 restaurants and bars over two floors, an indoor common seating area and outdoor terraces occupying a 2,000m2 (6561ft2) area, and a spacious 1,000m2 (3280ft2) FiT 13 fitness centre.

The newly built part of the centre offers new services, including Addiko Bank, Clarus and Morela Opticians, SIMPLE barber shop, and Rudnik car wash.

The mall’s entertainment areas

The shopping centre features one of Slovenia’s biggest indoor playgrounds for children, Zumma Kids, which extends two levels in across a 2,000m2 (6561ft2) area. A 600m2 (1968ft2) area was developed into a dedicated entertainment site WOOP! IZZIVI, which is suitable for children, families, groups of friends or colleagues.

Outdoor playgrounds, an outdoor climbing wall, and various sports areas are also available for children in the shopping centre.

Multiple escalators at the shopping centre provide quick access between the floors at the mall. The spacious layout of the mall provides a positive shopping experience for the customers.

Car parking details

The parking spaces were increased to 2,552 and distributed across four levels. They comprise 752 outdoor parking spaces and 1,800 spaces in the parking garage. The car park is located between E.Leclerc and Supernova and connects both buildings.

The ground floor of the mall is connected directly to the multi-level parking garage, while the first floor provides direct access to both the multi-level parking garage and the catering area.

The shopping centre offers 20 parking spaces for parents with children and 30 parking spaces for disabled visitors.

Retail and dining offerings of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik

The fashion retailers at the mall include brands such as Calzedonia, H&M, Galileo, Lisca, New Yorker, Parfois, Peek & Cloppenburg, Promod, Tom Tailor, C &A, and Tommy Hilfiger. The mall houses clothing stores, such as Bambini, Idexe, and Okaidi.

The accessories and jewellery stores at the mall include Pandora, Samsonite, Bags&More, Optika Feliks, and Slowatch. Other stores include Gardenia, Clavis, Mercator, Sensilab misli Zdravo, and Supernova Car Wash.

The food court at the mall includes different culinary concepts such as Italian, Asian, Spanish and Mexican.

The dining options at the shopping facility are Running Sushi & Wok, Rajska ptica, Segafredo, Cantina Mexicana, Dober pek za dober tek, Kavarna Poligon, Piazza del Papa and Vozi Misko. Also present are McDonald’s, Fresh time fruit and cream drinks, Chocolate Atelier Dobnik, Lolita, Mamu Sushi bar, Spanska vas, and Vino & Ribe restaurant.

Other dining options include freshly prepared snacks and lunches by Dobra Hia, cocktails at the GIG bar, Asian food at the Lucky Cat restaurant, and coffee at the Paradiso bar, which has the flavour of Italian aperitif.

Sustainable features

The shopping centre’s new expansion was built to comply with the latest environmental standards.

The front part of the shopping centre features electric bike rental stations and electric car chargers while the facade of the parking garage has vertical gardens to include more greenery around the centre. The shopping centre and the parking garage are illuminated with energy-efficient LED technology while a solar power plant is also being planned.

The project supports the company’s Green Dot programme, which aims to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2028.