The renovation of the TresAguas shopping centre was completed in October 2020. Credit: Chapman Taylor.
TresAguas shopping centre houses more than 150 brands. Credit: Chapman Taylor.
Chapman Taylor was the architect for the renovation programme. Credit: Chapman Taylor.

TresAguas shopping centre, located in Alcorcon, Madrid, Spain, has been renovated with the aim of making it one of the top retail and leisure destinations in Madrid.

The renovation work began in April 2019 and was completed in October 2020, with an estimated investment of €20m ($22.43m).

Owned by Merlin Properties and Grupo Alonso, the mall includes the complete range of fashion accessories, home-decoration and leisure.

TresAguas shopping centre location

The shopping facility is located in the district of Alcorcon. The mall is well connected with the M-40, M-50, and A5 motorways.

TresAguas shopping centre renovation details

The main entrance of the mall has been restructured with a large glass-enclosed lobby to let-in more natural light, making the shops visible from the outside. The central plaza of the mall has been transformed to be more open and modern. The plaza opens towards the new main entrance after renovation, which creates a more seamless transition between the fashion and leisure areas as well as the restaurant buildings.

A new balcony has been added to link the northern and southern sides of the mall at the upper level. New outdoor food terrace area and walkway have also been created.

Weather protection features have been added to the walkway and the upper terrace. The upper terrace was designed with canopy-type polygonal structures with PVC membrane at the top for protection from solar radiation and different weathers.

TresAguas shopping centre renovation increased the Mango store space by four times. Other brands, including Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius, have also extended their spaces in the premises.

The common areas of the mall have been modernised and decluttered for more vertical and horizontal visibility and shopfronts have also been renovated.

The square has become more vibrant by the addition of new flower boxes, seats, children’s games, and stages.

TresAguas Shopping centre design and features

TresAguas shopping centre comprises more than 150 brand establishments, a restaurant area, a 3,600-seat multi-screen cinema and 3000 parking spaces. The facility has a footfall of six million visitors.

Inaugurated in September 2002, the shopping facility has a built-up area of 217,000m² spread across three floors and a gross lettable area of 67,690m².

The mall replicated the Anglo-Saxon concepts that were developed in the Bluewater Shopping Centre in the UK. It features Three Waters, a set of fountains that blends culture, fun, nature and shopping in a unique architectural framework.

The shopping centre received an award for the best shopping centre in Europe by the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) in Budapest in April 2003.

Retail offerings and amenities at the mall

The mall houses several brands such as Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius. The stores in the fashion and accessories segment include Inditex Group, H&M, and Parfois.

The mall includes amenities such as a rest area, nursery room, free Wi-Fi, cinema lockers, information point, and children’s bathrooms. It also includes an Amazon collection point.

Dining and entertainment venues

Dining options at the mall include Nostra Burger, Ginos, The Sureña, Lost bullet, Foster’s Hollywood, 100 Montaditos, Taco bell, The Tagliatella, Fridays, The Martinez, Llao Llao, Pure Cuisine, Knee, Burger King, Vips, KFC, Dunkin Coffee, Pomodoro, and Bite the pasta.

The mall houses specialised stores such as 4Dreams, Casa del Libro, Donum Bonum, GAME, Jose Luis Joyerías, Opticalia, Orange, Oteros, Phone House, Soloptical, Tea & Shop, USA Fitness and Toy Planet.

Contractors involved

Chapman Taylor designed the extensive renovation programme of the shopping centre. Obras & Decoracion Yugo, a global construction firm, was involved in the renovation of the mall.

The restructuring work of upper terrace with PES and PVC materials was executed by IASO for Obras & Decoracion Yugo.

Other contractors include Stac Bond and General Plan.