Concept: UAE’s Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) introduced the UAE’s first biometric authentication solution for e-commerce transactions in partnership with Visa. It leverages Visa Consumer Authentication Service (VCAS) and aims to increase data security while improving customer experience.

Nature of Disruption: ADIB enables customers to use their ADIB Mobile application biometric authentication to authenticate their e-commerce transactions. Biometric verification is an automated system that measures the physical characteristics of an individual to recognize his or her identity. VCAS with biometric authentication uses fingerprint and facial biometrics to mitigate security and fraud risks. It eliminates traditional verification methods, such as OTP requirements, making it difficult for intruders to use illegally obtained consumer credentials. The solution offers stronger security and a time-efficient experience, even when the customer is on the go.

Outlook: Online security and fraud protection has gained more importance with the COVID-19 pandemic for e-commerce websites as more people started shopping online. Consumers in the UAE are savvy and with more transacting online, ADIB adopted Visa’s biometric solution to offer a safe and optimal online payment experience for customers. This solution offers a streamlined authentication process by only prompting consumers for verification of the riskiest eCommerce transactions.

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