UK newspaper sales hit hard by Covid-19 lockdown
With advice being that people should only shop for essential products and with social distancing measures in place in stores and supermarkets across the UK, footfall has fallen. This has resulted in thousands of independent newsagents closing, while supermarkets are expected to reduce the number of newspapers they stock.

Weak online capacity will intensify Covid-19’s damage to Irish home market
Before the onset of Covid-19, GlobalData forecasts the Irish home market would grow by 2.6% in 2020. However, given the complete closure of major retailers, and part-closure of others, GlobalData now anticipates a decline of 13.0% in 2019. Lending to this decline is the fact that Home retailers in Ireland have been notoriously slow to develop their online capabilities, leaning heavily on store sales that will now be decimated as stores close due to Covid-19.

Panera Bread starts offering groceries as part of takeway delivery service
Panera Bread is the next big brand shifting its offerings to meet the needs of consumers as American citizens are under lockdown.

The fast-casual soup and sandwich spot has recently launched Panera Grocery, which allows customers to order cooking essentials such as milk, fruits and vegetables. The company has already established a supply chain and network of drivers to deliver meals.

The newest edition of pantry essentials will add on to what they currently offer, giving consumers the opportunity to buy a couple of those household essentials with their next takeout.

Major names in fast-food share their secret recipes with consumers
Digitalization is bridging the gap between consumers and operators like never before, fiercely driven by the Covid-19 outbreak, which has forced operators to change-up long-running strategies and enter a new, digital era. The latest example of how social media is being used in this way comes from Nandos, which has shared the secret behind its peri-peri rice bowl recipe.