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Male-oriented wellness products see boost in health industry

Personalised health and self-care offerings for men are on the rise, as seen in the podcast GoopFellas, and digital health start-up Hims.  

Are green schemes always right for companies?

Environmental concerns have caused companies to rapidly alter products to adhere to a more eco-friendly business model. Yet schemes can sometimes prove a retrograde step for the firms.

How retailers can make delivery saver schemes a success

Delivery saver schemes are a great way for online retailers to foster loyalty, become front of mind for online shoppers and steal sales from competitors.

Fear of foreign predators could lead to UK government legislation to protect future-focused domestic businesses

Fallout from Kraft’s recent failed £115m takeover bid of Unilever continues, with the Conservative Party likely to pass legislation making foreign takeovers of British firms more difficult in the near future. The party look likely to win the upcoming general election and Prime Minister Theresa May has a great deal of support from within her party, the public and now amongst business leaders to protect major UK companies from takeovers with debatable long term benefits.