Has consumer convenience reached a whole new level? Heinz  has just released a ketchup/mayonnaise mash-up in the UK. Yes, that’s right, a mix between ketchup and mayonnaise in one convenient bottle; never again will you have to mix the two on your plate.

The trouble is, this new genius idea from Heinz is very similar to the widely available burger sauce which has been around for a long time and it hasn’t quite set the sauce world on fire.

Source: https://www.heinz.co.uk/products/saucy_sauce/products/saucy_sauce

And just as troubling is the name ‘Heinz Saucy Sauce’, in the US it is appropriately named ‘Mayochup’ which makes more sense. However, ‘Saucy Sauce’ doesn’t have the same appeal. If anything, it may put the consumer off, it is very non-descript and consumers like what they know.

Heinz claims that their mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise is the perfect ratio, but surely that is down to personal taste, some people like it stronger one way or the other.

The condiment market is already very saturated and hard to crack, the two top-selling items being; yep, you guessed it ketchup and mayonnaise, this is not set to change anytime soon.

According to GlobalData, both ketchup and mayonnaise will have predicted sales of 121.6 million kg and 37.6 million kg respectively by 2022, compare that to cocktail sauces at 0.85 million kg and you will understand the mountain that ‘Saucy Sauce’ will have to climb.

Another worry for the experimental sauce industry is the rising awareness from consumers about health and wellbeing, this works twofold, firstly the labelling does not depict a healthy sauce and secondly, this is the type of sauce that goes with unhealthy food.

According to GlobalData’s 2018 Q4 Global Survey, 50% of UK residents said they were influenced by the impact of health and wellbeing when choosing a product, suggesting that brands need to consider this when launching their product.

Health and wellness, burger sauce and the odd name aside, do we need a sauce that is essentially a mixture of two sauces that many households already have and will continue to buy? There is no real need for this concoction, people are used to convenience, but this?

Heinz will have to convince the general public to either buy a third bottle and take up precious space, or to replace both ketchup and mayonnaise with saucy sauce, which in turn will affect their sales.

Call me cynical but I think saucy sauce may just be a gimmick.