In the relentless battle against theft, shrinkage and unauthorised access, secured entry solutions have emerged as a proven defence for retailers.

These solutions, ranging from revolving doors and turnstiles for bustling stores to interlocking portals for upscale retailers, are becoming increasingly popular. Retailers are adopting security entrances not only to minimise losses but also to create secure and inviting spaces for their customers.

The utilisation of these solutions extends to large retail establishments and warehouses, where a combination of secured entry methods can effectively counter insider threats, external intruders and employee collusion.

Addressing varied retail challenges

Retailers are facing a combination of challenges, including persistent labour shortages, difficulties in retaining employees and a surge in societal tensions. These factors collectively heighten the risks that retailers encounter.

In response, retailers are compelled to play an active role in preventing crimes. Their objective extends beyond merely reducing shrinkage; it encompasses ensuring the sustained continuity of their businesses.

Deploying layered security solutions

Amidst the evolving landscape of challenges, the adoption of secured entry solutions takes on strategic importance.

By employing a layered approach to security, retail box stores and warehouses can effectively neutralise the threats posed by internal wrongdoers, external perpetrators and collusion among employees.

The amalgamation of various secured entry solutions forms a robust defence that safeguards assets and upholds the integrity of retail environments.