Online fashion retailer Shein has officially announced plans to open 30 stores in the UK this year, in addition to new stores in the Middle East and Europe.

This news comes as a relief to fashion enthusiasts who have, until now, relied on online images and reviews when purchasing Shein’s trendy and affordable clothes, shoes, accessories and homeware items.

With a strong following comparable to Primark, PrettyLittleThing, Poundland and New Look, Shein’s move to physical stores marks a significant expansion for the brand.

Expanding presence in key locations

Although the specific store locations are yet to be disclosed, Shein’s success with pop-up shops in cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol suggests that these places could be strong contenders for permanent stores.

Manchester boasts a large and loyal Shein following, making it a likely candidate for one of the 30 new stores, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Shein’s decision to open stores in various locations demonstrates its commitment to meeting the demands of its customer base and expanding its global reach.

Dublin headquarters and regional growth

In addition to the store openings, Shein has also announced the opening of new headquarters in Dublin.

Shein’s global head of government relations Leonard Lin highlighted Ireland’s pro-business environment and access to talent as reasons for choosing Dublin as a hub for managing and growing their business in the region.

Shein’s expansion efforts in EMEA (Europe/UK, Middle East, Africa) reflect their dedication to supporting local economies and communities in these areas.

Awaiting further details

While the locations of the 30 UK stores remain unknown, Manchester Evening News has reached out to Shein for a complete list and will provide updates as soon as they become available.

Fashion enthusiasts across the UK eagerly anticipate the convenience and first-hand shopping experience that these new Shein stores will bring to their high streets.