Spar France has launched an app called Retail Operations, which allows independent retailers to enhance the operational levels of their stores across the country.

Using the app on their smartphone, tablet or PC, retailers can view key data such as average basket size, number of customers and store turnover, and daily sales performance, as well as check yearly sales by month, or monthly sales by week.

The supermarket chain is offering the service to retailers who have signed up to its loyalty programme.

In addition, the company has expanded the availability of its Réapprovisionnement Assisté par Ordinateur (RAO) digital restocking tool to its entire store network across France.

The service is currently used by 80 Spar retailers in the country, which started at the beginning of the year.

“RAO can assist retailers in increasing turnover and reduce waste by preventing out-of-stock situations.”

RAO is a computer-assisted restocking tool designed to analyse historical sales data, stock levels in normal and peak seasons by store, and the promotional calendar enabling retailers to assess and fulfil required stock orders.

According to the company, RAO can assist retailers in increasing turnover and reduce waste by preventing out-of-stock situations.

Furthermore, Spar France has introduced a new digital platform called 1000Pro to allow retailers to access all local suppliers and order their products. The orders will then be delivered directly to stores by the suppliers.

Spar International entered France in 1955 and offers a range of local produce and products across its stores.

Earlier this month, Spar UK partner, the Henderson Group, announced plans to trial the ‘scan, pay and go‘ app of British retail technology start-up Ubamarket, using its EDGEPoS system, across select stores in Northern Ireland.

Henderson Group is testing the app initially in a small number of Spar and Eurospar Supermarkets.