Multinational retail corporation Walmart has partnered with General Motors subsidiary Cruise to pilot self-driving delivery in Scottsdale, Arizona, US.

As part of the programme, Walmart will deliver some of its groceries and other items by a small fleet of all electric-powered, driverless cars, starting early next year.

Customers can receive the service by placing an order from their local stores and opt for contact-free deliveries through one of Cruise’s all-electric self-driving cars.

Walmart US Customer Product SVP Tom Ward said: “We may be growing delivery options today, but we’re still experimenting with new ways we can use technology to serve customers in the future.

“This time, we’re cruising over to Scottsdale, Arizona, to rev up a new pilot with self-driving car company, Cruise.

“What’s unique about Cruise is they’re the only self-driving car company to operate an entire fleet of all-electric vehicles powered with 100% renewable energy, which supports our road to zero emissions by 2040.

“You’ve seen us test drive with self-driving cars in the past, and we’re continuing to learn a lot about how they can shape the future of retail. We’re excited to add Cruise to our line-up of autonomous vehicle pilots as we continue to chart a whole new roadmap for retail.”

In September, Walmart launched a new pilot with Flytrex’s automated drones in Fayetteville, North Carolina, US.