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October 6, 2020updated 12 Oct 2020 4:29pm

Walmart partners with EVERFI to launch new Safe & Well website  

Multinational retail corporation Walmart has partnered with social-impact education innovator EVERFI to launch a new website. 

Multinational retail corporation Walmart has partnered with social-impact education innovator EverFito launch a new website. 

Named as Safe & Well, the new website is an interactive learning solution that provides users with access to prescription drug safety and mental health resources.  

Safe & Well leverages videos, interactive scenarios and self-guided activities. It is free for everyone and mobile-friendly.  

Some topics include providing information on how to read and understand a prescription bottle label and medication guide, usage, storage and disposal of prescription medication responsibly and identifying opioid misuse and opioid use disorder. 

Additionally, the website offers mental health awareness and strategies to help get support for a mental health challenge. 

Walmart chief medical officer Dr Thomas Van Gilder said: “We are seeing people struggle with unprecedented levels of personal stress and restricted access to support networks in communities across the country as a result of the pandemic, which can ultimately compromise health and many other important aspects of people’s lives.  

“Our hope is that the new Safe & Well tool will be an accessible and valuable source of information for people at risk of prescription drug misuse and those who care about them.”  

The new resource will provide accurate information to users such as associates, patients, caregivers and community members. 

It will help gain knowledge on prescription medication misuse risks and links to mental health. 

Last month, Walmart reportedly planned to invest up to $25bn in Tata Group’s super app, expected for launch in India in December or January.