Cano shopping centre is located in the main shopping street in Singen, Germany. Credit: ECE.
Cano shopping mall includes 500 parking spaces on two floors above the shopping levels. Credit: ECE.
Cano shopping centre features approximately 55 concepts, which have been introduced for the first time in the city. Credit: ECE.
The dance group, Unlimited, inaugurated the shopping centre with a dance choreography in June 2020. Credit: Cano Singen Shopping Centre.

Cano shopping centre, a modern shopping destination in Singen, Germany, has been open for visitors since December 2020. The mall is owned by the ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund II.

The project was developed by German real estate specialist ECE at an estimated cost of €165m ($200m). Construction of the shopping centre began in July 2018 following the issuance of the building permit by the city of Singen in May 2018.

The shopping centre attracts visitors from the Lake Constance area to Singen, helping to revive the retail trade in the city.

Cano shopping centre location

Cano mall is located in the city centre of Singen, opposite the Singen main train station on the main shopping street at August-Ruf-Strasse.

Located close to the Lake Constance region and Switzerland border, the shopping centre serves regional, national, and international operators.

Cano shopping centre design and features

The Cano shopping gallery has 16,000m² of sales area with 85 stores spread across three levels. The centre includes approximately 500 parking spaces and 250 bicycle spaces across two levels above the shopping levels.

Dark stone was used to cover the facade that is inspired by the lava stone of the surrounding Hegau region. The sparkling gold design elements of the surface provide a high-quality appearance and contrast the dark facade. Large shop windows in the basement provide outdoor views.

The architecture and interior design with layered ceiling represent the industrial tradition of the city and the volcanic legacy of the region.

Lighting concept

The lighting concept of the mall was inspired by organic architecture and visually connects indoor and outdoor spaces. It also supports a connection between the flowing natural themes and the open industrial charm.

Plastic 3D lens special lights have been used for the basic lighting to create a glare-free brilliance effect. Arranged in irregular organic swarm patterns, the lights highlight the industrial ceiling structures with anodised materials. The lights change their colour temperature during the day in a spectrum from 1,800K to 4,000K.

The basic lighting of the corridors includes glare-free invisible lighting for the illumination of the traffic zones from a black channel.

Narrow cones of light and 4,000K cool light accents from the blacklight channel have been installed at various traffic junctions of the mall. The smoked glass pendant and wall lights have been used in the interior of the shopping centre.

Retail offerings and amenities at the mall

The Cano shopping mall features stores of renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Marc O’Polo, Guess, G-Star, Snipes, and Olymp.

Anchor tenants include the grocery stores Edeka and Norma, the dm drugstore, and a small department drugstore of Müller. The mall also includes sports stores including Decathlon, Thalia and Vorwerk.

Suppliers from the region include the Auer dealership group with the first BMW concept in Germany and other retailers such as Alexander Heitz from Constance, the Singen sneaker concept Comix, the Grandmann perfumery and Ravensburger, the toy supplier.

The shopping centre features different services such as lounge areas, mobile phone charging stations, and a digital signage system, which is connected to the Digital Mall of ECE to allow for online trade. 

Dining and entertainment at the mall

The ground floor of the mall houses food retailers such as Dean & David, KFC,  Hans im Glück, Pano, Ristorante Arena, Burro Burro, City Imbiss and Nordsee. 

Dining options include asiahung, Evergreen, Nozomi Sushi & VietFood, Subway, The Wafflers, Vulcano City Kebap and Vittoria. A food court is located on the top floor. It offers a balanced mix of national and international food retailers from the region.