The growing demand for products that protect both environmental and human health has extended to the household cleaning and laundry care industry. It is no longer just the safety of cleaning products to human health that are being considered, but also the impact that they have on the environment when sprayed into the air or poured down the drain. As these concerns gain traction, consumers are seeking to take greater control over this potential damage by altering their purchasing decisions.

Interestingly, while the millennial demographic are often perceived as the consumer segment most interested in clean living and sustainability, the presence of chemicals in household cleaning and laundry products is a universal concern.

This is evident in that, according to consumer research by GlobalData, while around half of 18-34 year olds are concerned about the safety/harshness of chemicals in both household cleaning agents, they are the least concerned consumer group. This illustrates the importance of catering to such concerns given how far reaching they in fact are.

As brands recognise this is not a niche concern, but a wider shift towards sustainability alongside health and wellbeing those that deliver natural, cost effective products that maintain strong performance results will solidify their position in the market.