City Plaza is a department store being developed in Wuppertal, Germany. It is part of an urban redevelopment programme launched to revitalise the area.

The project is being developed by Ireland-based developer Signature Capital with an estimated investment of €30m ($35.5m). The project was approved by the Wuppertal City Council in February 2015.

The foundation stone laying ceremony for the project took place in November 2016, while the store is scheduled to be opened in April 2019.

The project won the German Polis Award under the regenerated centres category in April 2016.

City Plaza location

City Plaza is being built in Döppersberg, Wuppertal, which is located between Wuppertal train station and existing Wuppertal city centre. The town is situated in North-Rhine Westphalia, east of Düsseldorf, with a population of approximately 350,000.

The area is home to the city’s top pedestrianised shopping street and undergoing redevelopment with a number of retail projects being built in the area with High Street offerings.

City Plaza is being marked as the ‘rail gateway’ to the Wuppertal city centre. It will become part of several iconic buildings located in front of the train station.

City Plaza design and construction details

City Plaza features a curved façade, which protrudes 2m above the ground floor on the top floor. It is clad with brass panels and alternating glass panels.

High-precision composite elements of varying thicknesses are being used for the facade. Made of glass, mineral fibre, and aluminium, the elements provide heat and fire protection, as well as sound insulation.

“City Plaza is being marked as the ‘rail gateway’ to the Wuppertal city centre.”

The Bundesallee main road near the project was lowered by 6m to provide a seamless and pedestrian-friendly connection between the train station and the city centre. A new bridge flanked by retail pavilions on both sides is being developed to link the City Plaza with the existing shopping street.

Facilities and retail outlets at City Plaza

The City Plaza will host a five-storey flagship PRIMARK outlet, which will cover approximately 9,500m². It will also host outlets of Tally Weijl, Vorwerk and dm-drogerie markt, a chain of drug and cosmetics stores.

Another 2,300m² area will be let out to numerous individual shops ranging from 60m² to 600m² in size, arranged around the newly constructed plaza.

The plaza will have attractive retail offerings, ample underground parking spaces, one-storey business passage, and transport links to provide customers with a pleasant shopping and socialising experience.

Contractors involved

Chapman Taylor’s Düsseldorf-based studio was selected for providing architecture and interior design services for the project.

POHL provided material and construction support for the facade system, as well as the surface material, while Linzmeier supplied its LINIT facade elements for the construction of the curved facade.

Marketing commentary on Wuppertal redevelopment

The redevelopment of Wuppertal and Döppersberg will provide space for private investments in the retail, service, and catering sectors. It also includes the redevelopment of the station surroundings and the bus station to improve accessibility.

The city and federal governments are investing €140m ($165m) in rail and road infrastructure as well as amenities to provide transport connections to the redevelopment area. The congested lanes are being redeveloped to create pedestrian-friendly and development spaces for private investments.