Meydan One is a next-generation retail and lifestyle mall being constructed by Meydan Group in Dubai, UAE.

The project is a part of phase one of the Meydan One mixed-use development project launched in August 2015, which includes several other components such as the Dubai One Tower, residential apartments, a civic plaza, a water park, and the world’s highest sky-view restaurant.

The Meydan Group unveiled the logo and visual identity of the mall at an exhibition space in the Dubai World Trade Centre in September 2016. It showed the illustrations of the mall through virtual reality.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the project was held in March 2017, while completion is scheduled for 2020.

Estimated to cost $1.5bn, the Meydan One will improve the mall landscape in the UAE by combining retail, hospitality, entertainment, and leisure experiences.

Meydan One mall location

The mall will be located between Meydan and Al Khail Road, which is very close to the centre of the city. It will be a part of the UAE and Dubai’s showcase to visitors for the planned Expo 2020.

“The Meydan One mall will house 620 retail shops, including two major department stores and a hypermarket spread over an area of 131,150ft².”

The site is situated in prime locality and directly connected to the Arabian Gulf through a man-made waterway. Visitors will be able to visit the mall by either a scenic bridge or a water taxi.

Design and features

The Meydan One mall will house 620 retail shops, including two major department stores and a hypermarket spread over an area of 131,150ft². It will feature a retractable skylight measuring 160m x 100m, which will enhance the shopping, leisure, dining, and entertainment experience for customers.

Flagship luxury stores will be part of a 400m-long strip named Central Canyon, which will be accessible directly from the road. The strip will feature extra-large displays to highlight the high-end fashion of the season.

The central attraction of the mall is the world’s biggest dancing fountain, which will be 380m-long. It will be faced by a dynamic boardwalk with a wide range of restaurants and cafés.

The mall will also have the provision to add two metro lines underneath, including the Green Line, which will connect to Dubai Airport by 2020.

Attractions and amenities

The mall will have a 258,300ft² multi-purpose indoor sports facility that houses sports fields and courts to cater to various types of sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, squash, racquetball, paddle ball, table tennis, badminton, softball, and baseball.

The sports facility will also include provision for other activities such as mixed martial arts, jogging, boxing, indoor cricket, batting cage, and a golf driving range. It will also feature the world’s longest indoor ski slope measuring 1km-long and facilitating both skiing and snowboarding.

Meydan One mall will feature outdoor sports facilities for mountain biking, walking and running tracks, a skateboarding arena, and a BMX park.

The shopping centre will have more than 100 food and beverage outlets, as well as a 21-screen cinema hall along with a food court, which will have an additional 20 outlets.

The shopping mall area will be serviced by parking facilities, which will have the capacity of 12,000 spaces.


The CDP Group provided a $300m loan for the first phase development of the mall, along with SACE, Standard Chartered, UBI Banca, and few international banks.

Contractors involved

Meydan Group awarded a $435m contract to Salini Impregilo for the construction of the Meydan One mall in March 2017. The scope of the contract includes site preparation works and construction of sub and super-structures of the mall.

ADC Energy Systems is responsible for the construction and operation of Meydan One District Cooling Plant, which will provide cooling services to the Meydan One mall and nearby developments.