Corporate Governance in Retail

Corporate governance is one of the three pillars of ESG. Corporate governance assesses how a company uses policies and controls to inform business decisions, comply with the law, and meet obligations to stakeholders. Corporate governance failures (for example, aggressive tax avoidance, corruption, excessive executive pay, or relentless lobbying) cause reputational harm and loss of trust. Companies in every sector, including Retail, will need to make concerted efforts to improve their performance across all three ESG measures.

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Number of Corporate Governance Mentions in Filings in the Retail Sector: 2016-2021

Retail Insight Network tracks thousands of companies and their annual and quarterly filings. Our analysis tracks the mention of corporate governance in those filings over the past five years.

Corporate Governance Versus Top 5 Themes in Retail

Retail Insight Network compares corporate governance mentions in filings versus other top themes in filings data over the past five years.

Top 10 Companies with Corporate Governance Mentions in Filings

Retail Insight Network tracks which retail companies mention corporate governance in filings most over the past five years.

Corporate Governance Jobs Insights in the Retail Sector

Retail Insight Network monitors live retail company jobs postings mentioning corporate governance or similar skills in the sector.

Corporate Governance Job Trends in the Retail Sector

Jobs postings by retail companies mentioning corporate governance over the recent past. Corporate governance jobs tracker in the retail sector looks at jobs posted, closed and active in the sector.

Most Active Retail Companies with Corporate Governance Jobs

Retail Insight Network’s retail jobs tracker lists retail companies with most corporate governance jobs posted in the recent past.

Corporate Governance Influencer Activity in the Retail Sector

Retail Insight Network tracks the mentions of corporate governance by pre-identified retail sector influencer on Twitter. The graph indicates the volume of tweets and influencers mentioning corporate governance through recent months.